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Candidate Personas: Your Sure-Fire Solution to Finding Great-Fit Talent

If you are a recruiter, you’ve definitely spent hours going through a job description (JD), looking at candidate profiles and shortlisting them, only to have them rejected by the Hiring Manager. On the other hand, if you're a Hiring Manager, I am sure you’ve spent way too much time looking at resumes, thinking, “Oh no, certainly not what I'm looking for.”

Why does this keep happening? The problem might be because you are looking at a resume and not a person, even though the resume isn’t going to join your company.

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#HRHeroes: Keerthi Rannore of Altimetrik on Reimagining Candidate Experience

Candidate experience emerged as a major trend in talent acquisition a few years back and since then, the focus upon it has only become stronger. Some companies have taken bold and impressive steps towards facilitating a good candidate experience - Zappos has actually stopped posting jobs, just so that they’d have an opportunity to get to know the candidate better.

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#HRHeroes - Sindhu Subhashini of Brillio on How They Aligned Talent Acquisition and Business

“Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first” - Simon Sinek, Author and Consultant

A company is its people, plain and simple. And when everyone in a company is invested in bringing the people who truly belong with them, they build an institution that lasts. This is why aligning the business and talent acquisition function is at the very heart of Outbound Hiring.

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#HiringBlitz 2.0 - India’s Biggest Outbound Hiring Jam Returns!

It has been 3 months since we hosted #HiringBlitz, the world’s first outbound recruiting jam. A bunch of rockstar recruiters from across 16 companies got together and battled it out to hire the best passive candidates, awards and titles as India’s top outbound recruiters.

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#HiringBlitz - The World's First Outbound Recruiting Jam!

When I entered that conference room on 21st July, I knew something big was happening. Aadil, our Social Talent Evangelist was there, so were our founders Sudheendra and Vijay, along with our Customer Success team and people from Product and Tech teams.

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Hiring Mobile Developers? Here Are 7 Statistics You Should Know.

The mobile economy is growing at an exponential rate. By 2020 the world is expected to see 4.6 billion unique mobile subscribers, consuming 30.6 exabytes of data every month. India follows suit, with the mobile industry contributing to 6.1% of our GDP in 2014.

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4 Reasons Candidates Aren't Responding to Your Emails

Pooja is a recruiter at XYZ Infolabs.

XYZ Infolabs is a pretty good place to be - they are working on interesting problems, they have capable leaders and a solid work culture. Yet, whenever Pooja reaches out to top talent regarding open positions at her company, they usually don’t respond or they decline. With more positions opening up faster than she can close, Pooja is in a tight spot.  

Sound familiar?

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How to Source The Best Engineers From StackOverflow

The simplistic way to look at StackOverflow is Quora for engineers - a network where people can post queries on programming and have it answered by fellow members. StackOverflow, in reality, is an engineering repository, professional network and forum all rolled into one. Both, the questions asked and answers given are upvoted based on how useful they are for the community, maintaining a high level of quality on the site.  

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3 Talent Leaders Share Their Secrets To Delighting Candidates

From offering challenging growth opportunities to lucrative benefits and perks, companies everywhere are leaving no stone unturned in becoming top destinations for top talent. In our last month’s post on modern hiring trends, we saw over 59% of companies stating they would be upping their investments on building their employer brand this year.

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5 Trends Modern Recruiting Will Embrace This Year, Sherlock Style

Originally published on YourStory on 21-01-2016

Few parts of the business world are evolving as rapidly as recruitment. You might not spot it easily, but drop into any HR conference and you will see talent leaders and recruiters furiously exchanging notes on predictive hiring, social recruiting, talent branding -- topics that didn’t exist as even buzzwords 5 years ago.

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