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4 Recruitment Metrics Every Talent Leader Should Care About

Given the way we build things today, the game-changing product you just rolled out will have competition by midnight. This is why most companies understand that their biggest and truest differentiators are their people. This is also why HR leaders everywhere rightly argue that talent is a strategic function, requiring the direct attention of the C-table.

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Why Hiring Isn't Just The HR's Problem

If you aren’t in HR, I am willing to bet that you don't really care about hiring. And when I say that, I don't mean bringing talented people on board - we all want to work with them, learn from them. I am talking about the process of getting them there. I can tell because until I had to source and hire for a position, I didn't care either. 

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Boost Your Recruitment With Boolean Search

Boolean search strings are like nicknames given to people in college. Around the first week or so, you hear of “Chip”, who is hosting a LAN party that your roommate is going to. You probably meet Chip by the end of your first month and learn later on that his name is John Smith. You might not know why his name is Chip, but you’ve never called him anything else. There may be a lot of John Smiths in the world, many sharing similar hair color, height or other personality traits. But Chip is only one guy.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Employer Branding on Social

Your workplace is a wonderland.

Your colleagues are some of the smartest people you have ever met and they're amazing to work with. Your office has gaming consoles, TT, foosball and coffee so good, it brings grown men to tears. Overall, it is the kind of company and culture you can brag about and everyone would love to work for.

Problem is, you are not attracting the talented folks you are supposed to.

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