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How To Source The Best Engineers Through GitHub

We live in a time where if something can be imagined, it can be built. From apps that shame you into fitness to garbage bins for the sea, engineers are transforming the way we live every single day. Especially in the internet space, for a product or service to exist, a strong team of engineers is crucial. But finding talented engineers continues to pose a challenge for recruiters.

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#HRHeroes: An Interview With Helpchat’s Head of HR, Anil Chandra

Ub Iwerks was stuck. Along with two friends, he’d quit Universal Studios, hoping to produce and create their own animated TV show. It wasn’t going great. He had tried several sketches, cows, horses, frogs - he just couldn’t sketch a good enough lead character for their first pilot. The story then goes that a tame mouse laid a spark in his head and the foundation of a world-dominating entertainment company: Disney. 

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5 Things That Make a Great Passive Hiring Email

Recruiting remarkable candidates who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities is a tough job. As a young company and brand, at Belong, most of our team members were first reached out to by us. We understand that hiring the best candidates who aren’t looking for a career change can be a high-touch process.

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4 Effective Tips to Preboard Your New Hires

Genghis Khan: “Subutai, considering your previous experience, hunger for success, your interview performance and culture fit, we are extremely happy to tell you that we wish to appoint you as our general and chief military strategist. You will be leading one of the Tumen and will be in charge of our European ops.”

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