Belong Executive Briefing: Gurgaon Edition: Scaling Candidate Experience

It’s not every day that you get the top professionals of human resources and recruiting under the same roof and have a clear & open discussion around how is hiring evolving in our candidate-driven, automation-focused market.

And this is why we love hosting the Belong Executive Briefing.

It’s insightful, it’s invigorating, and it’s intuitive.

This time it was a nice summer morning on a Thursday in Gurgaon. We had 23 leaders from companies like Bain & Co, Airtel, MMT, BCG, American Express, Pepsi Co at The Leela Ambience on May 16, 2019.

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Here’s how the event looked:

To start off, we had our Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala doing what he does best - he started off the conversation talking about the emergence of a new tech order in business and how insight technologies, engagement technologies and the cloud are playing a path-breaking role in business today.

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He also connected the emergence of this new age tech to the business critical talent of the future followed by quickly breaking the ice with our guests.

This was followed by our Vice President of Business & Product Arpit Garg, who walked the audience through our Talent Supply Index, which is a benchmark metric that helps companies foresee & plan talent acquisition efforts for critical jobs in technology.

Arpit talked about our key learnings on how the market is reacting to a fierce demand for data scientists, average tenure across functions and job families dropping which is alarming, blockchain as a skill in demand, and the status of diverse talent in technology roles.

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Our featured guest for the day, Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group Chief Human Resource Officer at Go MMT Group took over to talk about how they have transformed the MakeMyTrip's careers website. Yuvaraj also shared his key learnings from his work at Asian Paints, PepsiCo, The Oberoi Group and his time at the armed forces.

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Yuvaraj's inspiring talk broadly focussed upon:

- Why MMT decided to revamp their careers website and what kind of planning went into the same in the form of research and EVP based insights.

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- How is MMT leveraging technology, automation and is focussed on delivering a great candidate experience to get the best tech talent onboard.

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- Yuvaraj also shared the immediate impact and the numbers showing newfound efficiency metrics, and increase in inbound application funnel and engagement which was up by 6X. He also talked about how they're showcasing their tech stack so that candidates get a sense of what kind of technologies Go MMT Group dabbles with.

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The panel was curious around how MMT revamped job descriptions to ‘opportunity profiles’, and its constant iterations and was fascinated about how Go MMT Group has been able to scale these across job roles and functions. 


The panel also had some interesting questions for Yuvaraj around hiring and the goals behind the new careers website by MakeMyTrip.

One of the most essential conclusions established in the discussion was how necessary it is to align the hiring process with the candidate-driven market.  Yuvaraj explained it in detail how offering a great candidate experience has led to quality hires, better processes, and increased responses.

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Here’s the biggest takeaway from the event: Almost everyone, unanimously agreed that the war for talent is over. Like Josh Bersin said sometime back, the talent has won and now it is the most competitive lever that drives the market.

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Our guests were kind enough to share with us some fascinating sound bites around their thoughts on all things talent and candidate experience that we shall be releasing on our social media handles shortly. Please do keep a track of our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles.

Needless to say, it was an intensely focussed and educating discussion and one worth taking notes from.


Do give us a shout out if you’d like us to host a Belong Executive Briefing in your city.

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Let’s recruit faster, let’s recruit better, let’s do it together.

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