That time when Belong drove to the TESCO campus - on a food truck!

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There was lip-smacking food, drinks, laughter, impromptu photo sessions, even a light drizzle -- topped up with conversations on all things talent.

The very best of Tesco's recruiters recently gathered to celebrate their win at the Belong Outbound Hiring League Championship, which recognizes teams that drive recruiting efficiency and results through innovative outbound hiring techniques. Tesco won both the league and our hearts!

Discussions at the celebrations ranged from hiring tactics for niche roles to social to how recruiters are leveraging personalization ala marketers -- all over plates of some wok-tossed prawns and refreshing mocktails.

Taruna Reddy, head of Talent Acquisition at Tesco, talked about how shifting to a outbound hiring methodology was helping her team deliver superior candidate experiences.

“Outbound helps us enable more positive conversations with candidates. Delivering personalized experiences to candidates has significantly improved the quality of our conversations. My team just picks up the phone and instantly there is a rapport with the candidate."

Adding to this, Chicho Merin Varghese, senior recruiter at Tesco said, "Belong has absolutely lowered our time in building relationships. The platform does all the work at the backend and by the time we talk to the candidate we have already broken the ice."

Talking about the OHL in particular, she said: "Participating in the OHL was a lot of fun. It became like a cricket match in no time. Thanks for making our job so cool."

Abraham Cherian, Tesco's Head of HR, talked about the partnership with Belong. “The level of support and engagement from Belong has been unlike anything we have seen anywhere else. The Belong teams works like an extension of our internal team."

This is how the OHL celebrations unfolded during the evening:







We at Belong regularly take initiatives to bring together the finest minds in the recruitment industry to facilitate exchange of ideas and build synergies. We feel there's a lot we can learn from each other to make the most important contribution one can to a business - find people that belong. 

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