Hiring Mobile Developers? Here Are 7 Statistics You Should Know.


The mobile economy is growing at an exponential rate. By 2020 the world is expected to see 4.6 billion unique mobile subscribers, consuming 30.6 exabytes of data every month. India follows suit, with the mobile industry contributing to 6.1% of our GDP in 2014.

This exponential increase in growth has brought about a fierce competition for talented mobile developers in India. To hire the right people who impact your business, it is vital to understand the talent landscape. Towards that, Belong studied over 25000 mobile developers in India to build recruiting insights and released the India Mobile Talent Landscape Report 2016.  The report has already been featured in Economic Times, Mint and Times of India and focuses on key aspects, including total talent pool size, talent spread by platforms, sectors attracting the most talent, and cities that have emerged as leading hubs.

The report found that in India, iOS mobile talent is making inroads in a market dominated by Android mobile developers who comprise over 70% of the total pool. The study found that Bengaluru continues to be India’s most popular destination, hosting 25% the total talent pool, followed by Delhi NCR (17%) and Hyderabad (10%), positioning South India as a leading hub for mobile talent.

Here are some of the key highlights from the study.

People Insights



1. Android developers dominate the mobile talent talent pool at 72%

2. Majority of mobile developers bring 2-5 years of work experience.

3. Github, Stackoverflow emerge as top niche networks to find mobile developers.

Industry Insights



4. IT Services and Computer Software companies together contribute to 67% of the workforce.

5. Samsung, Amazon and Accenture feature among top employers of mobile talent in India

Geo Insights



6. Together, tech hubs Bangalore and NCR contribute the lion’s share of the country’s mobile developer talent. While Bangalore holds the definitive lead for both Android and iOS talent, at 28% and 20% respectively, NCR follows close at nearly 18% for both categories

7. Major chunk of the talent mobility is present, and moves between Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi/ NCR


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