#HiringBlitz 2.0 - India’s Biggest Outbound Hiring Jam Returns!


It has been 3 months since we hosted #HiringBlitz, the world’s first outbound recruiting jam. A bunch of rockstar recruiters from across 16 companies got together and battled it out to hire the best passive candidates, awards and titles as India’s top outbound recruiters.

For Belong, it was the highlight of 2016 - not only did we get an entire day to interact and learn from our best users, we witnessed the recruitment community rally and do some pretty amazing stuff.

And hence, we absolutely had to do it again! On October 25th, Belong hosted #HiringBlitz 2.0! Of course, it was a spectacular experience!


By discovering 6560 passive candidates and reaching out to 4000 of them in a matter of hours, the participants of #HiringBlitz 2.0 smashed every record set a few months back. With 1.45 million impressions that reached 92,000 unique users, we trended on Twitter - AGAIN!

Here is the low-down on what happened. 

Finding and Engaging Candidates

The event kicked off with our CEO, Vijay Sharma, who spoke passionately regarding how the people in that very room were the ones reimagining how recruitment works.


He discussed the biggest challenges in recruitment in this day and age and how outbound recruitment is a step in the right direction to address them. These issues resonated with the recruiters strongly, as Sashwanth Bellan, Staffing Recruiter at Cisco told me when I caught up with him:

“Whether it is a new company, or an established company moving into a new segment, establishing a talent brand is a huge challenge” - Sashwanth Bellan, Staffing Recruiter at Cisco

The Outbound Candidate Discovery session started shortly after, with Tavant Technologies dominating the leaderboard for a good half an hour. But in a surprise twist, Deepika Ramsuraj of Brillio Global won the 1st Runner Up and Salini P of Amazon was crowned the Outbound Discovery Champion.

winners discovery.png

Maria Nancy, a veteran recruiter currently at Thoughtworks was spot on when she gave her reason for going outbound:

“We can’t post on a job board and hope the right person walks in through the door. In a candidate driven market, outbound is the right way to hire.” - Maria Nancy, Recruiter at Thoughtworks

This was followed by the Outbound Candidate Engagement session, where Swathi Sudhindra of Tavant Technologies, Belong hero and returning champion won 1st Runner up while Deepti Sethuram of SAP Labs India bagged the award for Outbound Engagement Champion.

winners engagement.png

Maria Joseph, TA Lead at Amazon had a very interesting take on why she enjoyed interacting with passive candidates:

“With passive candidates, engagement is definitely more which leads to a better relationship” - Maria Joseph, TA Lead, Amazon

You Imagine It, We Build It

After the Outbound Candidate Engagement session ended, it got more exciting. Belong’s Customer Success Managers, Shruthi and Siddharth had come up with a fun contest - recruiters from different companies were put together in teams and asked to come up with pitches for features to add in Belong. The panel of Belong Product Managers, Ankit, Arpit and Deepak would judge the winners based on how useful, innovative and viable the feature is.


It was awesome to watch recruiters who’ve not worked with one another, seamlessly collaborate and come up with great ideas on the spot. In the end, the team of Swathi and Anusha BS of Tavant, Prashanth MS of Razorpay and Anshita Tiwari of Big Basket won the Runners-up.


The team of Shyam Pandian of Capillary Technologies and Salini, Maria and Samik M of Amazon took home the award for Best Outbound Hackathon Champions. 


The Masters of Outbound

Throughout everything, if I had to pick one team that really made an impression on me, it has to be the effervescent team from Brillio Global - not only was this a group of people who loved what they did, they were eager to learn from the industry’s best to get the industry’s best. It didn’t surprise me at all when they won runner-up for Outbound Recruiting Crew.


And the winners? The Best Outbound Recruiting Crew of #HiringBlitz 2.0 was the amazing team from Amazon!


For me, the true satisfaction and happiness of being a part of this event came in the form of a few words from Sarah Jemima of Brillio Technologies.

“Outbound hiring keeps me sharp. It helps me have constructive conversations with business” - Sarah Jemima, Associate Manager, TA at Brillio Technologies

In fact, check out our conversation here:

We are creating the outbound movement here, and stellar recruiters own it. At the end of an event like #HiringBlitz 2.0, to know that we managed to spread the movement a little more, that we have one more believer, one more person rooting for this, building this with us - isn’t that what it is all about?

As Shyam reminded us sweetly, we are in this together! 


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