Introducing The Outbound All Stars Mixers!


While Talent Acquisition is the secret force driving the success of every company today - building teams, finding game-changing talent, and establishing enviable employer brands - it is also one of the most undervalued functions.

That’s why we wanted to bring the community together to celebrate recruiters, learn from industry leaders and have fun! We organized the first Outbound All Stars Mixer - an exclusive event where we brought together Talent Acquisition teams from some of the most innovative and talent-focused organizations in Bangalore, including Cisco, ABB, Amazon, Dell, Flipkart,  Intuit, JCP, Directi, Philips, Samsung, and many more. 


After a quick introduction by our CCO Bharath Devanathan, we invited Abraham Cherian, Head of HR at Tesco and Subhasis Mishra, Talent Acquisition Leader at Amazon on stage to an informal discussion on all things TA and AI related, led by Belong’s own Aadil Bandukwala. 


Here are some excerpts:

  • Should recruiters fear the disruption caused by AI and technology?

Subhasis Mishra (SM): To be honest, I think disruption is evergreen in any industry. I’m sure everything we do now was once thought of a disruption - and technology will continue to disrupt the way we work. In fact, when computers first hit the market, there was a significant problem with adoption, nowadays you can’t imagine work without one.

How recruiters should embrace this is by letting AI take over some of the parts of this function, and instead focus on what we should be doing, which is focusing on the ‘human’ part of human resources.

Abraham Cherian (AC): Absolutely, recruiters should see this as an opportunity to upskill and evolve.

SM: I’ve always believed that humans won’t lose to technology because of the relationships we build. AI now enables us to make more intelligent decisions. We can now use data-backed insights to create a candidate-specific story that will appeal to our target audience, and therefore build a winning strategy.

At Amazon, Jeff Bezos would always say - start with the customer and work backwards. Now we can do that with candidates too, and we should!

- Subhasis Mishra

  • How technology has changed the role of the recruiter

AC: With tools like Belong freeing up significant recruiter bandwidth, recruiters can now use that time and effort saved on engaging with candidates, and focusing on candidate delight. When we spend our time making candidates feel great, it definitely translates, and we've gotten great feedback from candidates.

It also gives us the opportunity to expand our skillset and take up research into talent landscapes and candidate behaviour which will definitely have a positive impact.

SM: Machines have always given us a way to be better at what we do, so even if this sounds like a cliche, recruiters should now take this chance to redefine their roles. We can now go from Talent Acquisition to Talent Advisors, and that applies equally to being coaches and advising candidates, to being partners to business. It’s really up to the individual recruiter to take the initiative and expand their role

  • Where do you see the potential of AI in HR Tech taking us?

AC: Technology always has, and always will be pushing us into the future. Now, with AI we have an added level of intelligence that opens up a wealth of exciting possibilities in terms of data insights, predictability and automation that will impact the future of recruitment.

When we see a new tool or solution or ‘disruption’, we should be open to experimentation but as leaders constantly keep the cost vs. value in mind.

In order to remain competitive, it’s important that leaders champion experimentation, and more importantly - adoption, when it comes to new tech.

- Abraham Cherian

SM: Like Netflix, where Ai is used to optimize the entire experience, we should also be looking at how AI can be leveraged across the entire spectrum of recruitment - from targeting, to engagement, to affinity mapping, etc. Each of these areas can have their own potential, and the real magic happens when something clicks between what you want to do, and what technology enables you to do, and that’s the real a-ha moment we are always looking for!

We ended the evening with dinner and drinks, and it was amazing to see recruiters from across companies deep in discussion about recruitment, sharing stories, catching up with old friends, and generally having a wonderful evening!

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We also wanted to celebrate some of the outstanding Outbound recruiters at the event, and made personalized standees - because what's better than being lauded in the company of your peers and leaders you admire, right?

Congratulations to our rockstars Anil Kumar of Adobe, Smita Jaiswal of ABB, Prashanth MS of Razorpay, Prasanna Kumar of Dell EMC, Shyam Kumar of Myntra and Chicho Varghese of Tesco on their truly inspiring work :)



We're already on to planning our All Star Recruiter Mixer event, and our goal is to make it bigger and better! Stay tuned...

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