Outbound All Stars Awards 2018 - Bigger and Better!


On the 20th of July 2018, we were thrilled to host the second annual Outbound All Stars Awards to celebrate the top talent acquisition teams and recruiters from across the country. 

The awards night is the culmination of The Outbound Hiring League - an initiative honouring the achievements and success of the best recruiters in the Industry. 
It shines a spotlight on recruiters driving extraordinary business value, candidate experience, employer brand growth and more tangible benefits to their organizations. Joining us at the Awards were HR leaders from some of the most talent-focused companies including Amazon, Accenture, Cisco, Tesco, Airtel and many more! 

Launch of Outbound.org

The evening began with the grand launch of Outbound.org - a first of its kind online community created for Outbound recruiters from across the most innovative, talent-first companies in the country. It is a one-stop forum to showcase the best Outbound recruiters, explore open outbound jobs, and keep track of upcoming events. Our Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala invited Outbound Champion Shyam Kumar from Myntra, and Jaideep Avasarala of Deloitte to help us highlight the incredible potential of how the community could positively impact recruiters and the industry as a whole. 


In fact, Naveen Narayanan of Sapient mentioned that there is no other high quality community of a similar nature for recruiters in India! We're excited to continue building the community along with the best network of Talent Acquisition professionals in the business!

If you'd like to learn more, head to Outbound.org and register to receive alerts about new job opportunities and upcoming events!


Panel Discussion: Driving Business Impact through Data-Driven Recruiting

After the launch, we moved straight into a highly anticipated panel discussion on "Driving Business Impact through Data-Driven Recruiting", hosted by Belong's Rishabh Kaul and featuring panelists Naveen Narayanan from Publicis.Sapient, Anjali Rao from Intel, Girish Sharma from and Vishwas Deep from


The free flowing chat covered the panelists' own learnings and experiences on a variety of topics including how to work closely with Business, how to drive technology innovation and adoption in their teams, and how to ensure that every person in the company feels responsible for candidate experience, and hiring itself.

Having Vishwas join us - until recently a Hiring Manager himself, brought an important perspective into how both sides need to set expectations early and work together for maximum impact.


And the Award goes to...

This year we had a total of 20 winners across 10 categories - our highest yet! It was great to see familiar faces like Smita Jaiswal of ABB, Shyam Kumar from Myntra, etc and new friends like Airtel's Neha Bakshi and Prathibha Raj from Target amongst the winners!

Collage Winners  Collage Winners  Collage Winners (1)

We closed our night with the top award of the night "The Ultimate Outbound Team". Our heartiest congratulations to the Cisco and Airtel teams for taking home our top honours!  

We had also invited some of the best Talent Leaders including Gautam Shetty of Maersk, Prasad Rao of Adobe, Sudhir Kumar from AllState, and Suresh Ramachandra of Capgemini to help us present the awards to the winners, and we're incredibly grateful to each leader who took the time to help us felicitate our Champions!

With nearly 200 seats filled, the second Outbound All Stars Awards night was our biggest and most successful event yet and we are super grateful to every single partner and well wisher that joined us for an absolutely fabulous night! As the awards drew to a close, we found the entire community coming together over dinner and drinks, and enjoying the rare opportunity to catch up with friends, and truly celebrate the spirit of recruitment!

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