[Slideshare] Recruiting Lessons From Sherlock Holmes


Literature has given us many scientists, detectives and heroes. But none as memorable as Sherlock Holmes because he is a delectable combination of all three. What makes him lovable is that he isn’t a man of magic or superpowers - but someone who relies on science and the power of a superb, analytical mind. In other words, he’d have made a great recruiter.

So we did a webinar to help recruiters hire like Sherlock, discussing the following topics:

  • Going beyond the obvious to know your candidate
  • Leveraging social data to build rock-solid candidate personas
  • Using predictive analysis and data to validate and back hiring decisions

The response we received was nothing short of fantastic - just check out twitter feed at #HireLikeSherlock! A lot of heart and hard work went into it and we sure don't want you to miss it. So here it is! Check out the webinar below, and you too can hire like Sherlock.


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