Women in tech: There are 3 times more male engineers to females

When you Google ‘women in tech’, you are sure to stumble upon a plethora of forums and collectives clamouring for better representation of women in the technology sector.

And it’s not just an empty slogan. There’s enough evidence and research that suggests that having more females in teams fosters innovation, creativity, productivity and results in more revenue.

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Why Hiring Isn't Just The HR's Problem

If you aren’t in HR, I am willing to bet that you don't really care about hiring. And when I say that, I don't mean bringing talented people on board - we all want to work with them, learn from them. I am talking about the process of getting them there. I can tell because until I had to source and hire for a position, I didn't care either. 

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How to Consciously Improve Gender Diversity at Your Workplace

The topic of women in technology and engineering stirs up a lot of debate -- even in India. Recently, the Economic Times published an article under the headline Gender diversity in Indian unicorns leaves much to be desired. “The lack of women in tech roles at domestic startups is glaring,” the article observed.  

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So, Why Belong?

Belong is a word that came out of a 75 page document we initially wrote to understand one simple thing: why are we building this company? 

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