All about Candidate Experience: 6 BEBs, 4 Countries, and 81 Companies

Belong Executive Briefing (BEB) is our quest to bring the community together where they are because the future is localized and sans boundaries. And the quest took us on a tour this time that started in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and went all the way to Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon.

We had CHROs, Vice President HRs, Senior Directors, Chief Talent Officers, and Head of TAs from Fortune 500 companies like Deloitte, PepsiCo, Philips, NOKIA, Infosys, HSBS, Ernst & Young et al in attendance at the events.

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The Outbound All Stars Awards 2019: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Hiring & Recruitment

When the right people come together at the right time, magic happens.

Two teams did it on 10 July, 2019.

While we witnessed New Zealand doing it in style and India missing it by a mark, Belong did so at its annual Outbound All Stars Awards.

We celebrated the outperformers, the hustlers, and the changemakers for reshaping the face of the recruiting industry.

The Outbound All Stars Awards are to cherish and shine a spotlight on the Talent Acquisition and Recruiters’ community, ensuring exceptional candidate experience, strong employer brand, and more tangible benefits to their organizations.

Once, every year, we decide to celebrate the recruiters all over India for their contribution. It is not just to honor their efforts but also to celebrate their quest to overhaul the recruitment industry and make it more data and technology driven.

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Belong Executive Briefing: Gurgaon Edition: Scaling Candidate Experience

It’s not every day that you get the top professionals of human resources and recruiting under the same roof and have a clear & open discussion around how is hiring evolving in our candidate-driven, automation-focused market.

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3 Talent Leaders Share Their Secrets To Delighting Candidates

From offering challenging growth opportunities to lucrative benefits and perks, companies everywhere are leaving no stone unturned in becoming top destinations for top talent. In our last month’s post on modern hiring trends, we saw over 59% of companies stating they would be upping their investments on building their employer brand this year.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Employer Branding on Social

Your workplace is a wonderland.

Your colleagues are some of the smartest people you have ever met and they're amazing to work with. Your office has gaming consoles, TT, foosball and coffee so good, it brings grown men to tears. Overall, it is the kind of company and culture you can brag about and everyone would love to work for.

Problem is, you are not attracting the talented folks you are supposed to.

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