Can India supply her companies with Artificial Intelligence talent?

Quartz recently published a story lamenting the shortage of Indian talent in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields. While the article largely focused on the challenges tech startups face while recruiting AI talent, it’s clear from the conversations we have been having with established enterprises that the supply-demand imbalance for AI talent is as acute across company sizes and industries.

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Is Your Talent Acquisition Function Future Ready?

The rapid rise of social media, big data analytics, talent branding, and a candidate-driven focus to hiring has transformed Talent Acquisition into a strategic, data-driven function. Ineffective and high-cost inbound methods of hiring are giving way to more targeted and intelligent ways of hiring that are transforming how companies engage and recruit talent.

So how should Talent Acquisition teams equip themselves to ride this change?

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How you, as a young entrepreneur, should go about making a senior hire

As you’re going about building your company as a young entrepreneur, you’re going to reach a point where you need some experienced folks. It’s inevitable. Experience can mean different things to different people, but just for simplicity's sake, I mean someone who is relatively much older than you and is going to do something which you or your team don’t have much of an idea about/experience in.

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An early-stage enterprise VP of sales for India? Any takers?

In my discussions with B2B founders and investors around hiring, one of the things that doesn’t come up very often is how challenging it is to hire a good sales leader early on. However, the problem is even more serious when we’re talking about B2B tech companies focusing on the Indian market.

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How to Engage Passive Candidates on Your First Exploratory Call

Research has found that in today’s candidate market, 75% of the talent pool is passive. And if you are looking to hire for a critical position, 95% are passive.

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How To Source The Best Engineers Through GitHub

We live in a time where if something can be imagined, it can be built. From apps that shame you into fitness to garbage bins for the sea, engineers are transforming the way we live every single day. Especially in the internet space, for a product or service to exist, a strong team of engineers is crucial. But finding talented engineers continues to pose a challenge for recruiters.

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5 Things That Make a Great Passive Hiring Email

Recruiting remarkable candidates who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities is a tough job. As a young company and brand, at Belong, most of our team members were first reached out to by us. We understand that hiring the best candidates who aren’t looking for a career change can be a high-touch process.

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