5 Red Flags You Must Look Out for When Hiring Marketers

Research today shows people have attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish. This means, your marketing efforts need to engage viewers quickly. You need to grab their attention fast and communicate your brand message in a clear and concise manner.

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How To Source The Best Engineers Through GitHub

We live in a time where if something can be imagined, it can be built. From apps that shame you into fitness to garbage bins for the sea, engineers are transforming the way we live every single day. Especially in the internet space, for a product or service to exist, a strong team of engineers is crucial. But finding talented engineers continues to pose a challenge for recruiters.

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The Ultimate HR Leader Reading List for 2016

1st of January 2016 marked more than the start of a new year. At Belong, it was the start of a tradition. The week preceding new years’,  each of us wrote our resolutions in sticky notes and put it in a box. On new year’s eve, the resolutions were read out to everyone and stuck on a white board which now sits undisturbed in the pantry. The point was simple - we now have a good 70 people who’d hold us accountable for what we promised ourselves while the board reminds us of the same, every day.

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[Slideshare] Recruiting Lessons From Sherlock Holmes

Literature has given us many scientists, detectives and heroes. But none as memorable as Sherlock Holmes because he is a delectable combination of all three. What makes him lovable is that he isn’t a man of magic or superpowers - but someone who relies on science and the power of a superb, analytical mind. In other words, he’d have made a great recruiter.

So we did a webinar to help recruiters hire like Sherlock, discussing the following topics:

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5 Trends Modern Recruiting Will Embrace This Year, Sherlock Style

Originally published on YourStory on 21-01-2016

Few parts of the business world are evolving as rapidly as recruitment. You might not spot it easily, but drop into any HR conference and you will see talent leaders and recruiters furiously exchanging notes on predictive hiring, social recruiting, talent branding -- topics that didn’t exist as even buzzwords 5 years ago.

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4 Recruitment Metrics Every Talent Leader Should Care About

Given the way we build things today, the game-changing product you just rolled out will have competition by midnight. This is why most companies understand that their biggest and truest differentiators are their people. This is also why HR leaders everywhere rightly argue that talent is a strategic function, requiring the direct attention of the C-table.

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Why Hiring Isn't Just The HR's Problem

If you aren’t in HR, I am willing to bet that you don't really care about hiring. And when I say that, I don't mean bringing talented people on board - we all want to work with them, learn from them. I am talking about the process of getting them there. I can tell because until I had to source and hire for a position, I didn't care either. 

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Boost Your Recruitment With Boolean Search

Boolean search strings are like nicknames given to people in college. Around the first week or so, you hear of “Chip”, who is hosting a LAN party that your roommate is going to. You probably meet Chip by the end of your first month and learn later on that his name is John Smith. You might not know why his name is Chip, but you’ve never called him anything else. There may be a lot of John Smiths in the world, many sharing similar hair color, height or other personality traits. But Chip is only one guy.

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4 Effective Tips to Preboard Your New Hires

Genghis Khan: “Subutai, considering your previous experience, hunger for success, your interview performance and culture fit, we are extremely happy to tell you that we wish to appoint you as our general and chief military strategist. You will be leading one of the Tumen and will be in charge of our European ops.”

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How to Prepare Your Candidates for Job Interviews

At Belong, we interview hundreds of amazing and talented people every month. But some interviews haven’t worked as well, purely because the candidates weren’t comfortable enough or did not have sufficient knowledge to prepare for our process. We realized a great way to help our candidates is to clearly document our process with helpful guidelines, and zip it to them in our interview invites at least a few days in advance.

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