What was the HR world reading in 2015?

Early September this year, we were super kicked to launch our first handcurated newsletter for all things HR and hiring: The Recruiter Roll! Read by over 1500 subscribers -- including recruiters, HR and Talent Acquisition leaders, CEOs and founders -- The Recruiter Roll delivers 5 highly-recommended HR reads every week from across the Internet. In fact, if you aren't already subscribed, here's where you can
12 issues, 60 articles and counting, we wanted to check exactly what caught the attention of the HR community this year. What articles broke through to top 5 to receive the highest number of clicks? Do they reflect the challenges we are all grappling most with? Take a look. Let us know. Or better, if you read anything more interesting or exciting, drop us a link in the comments!



2 hour interviews are a bad way to hire tech candidates. Getting a good sense of a candidate is hard, and some good candidates might get filtered out too. Here’s how Amir Yasin built an interview process involving a paid assignment that has been working wonders.



Most executives manage culture according to their intuition, but answering three questions can help transform culture from a mystery to a science.



In a post that's notched up over 140 comments on LinkedIn, Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal argues that a startup's biggest bulwark against competition is its culture -- and outlines how Snapdeal is building its own.


Often, the most important differences among candidates will not be at the top of the resume/CV. Learn how to spot a great resume by scanning it bottom up.


"What's your biggest strength?" isn’t really telling anymore. 24 top CEOs let us in on what they ask job candidates during interviews.


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