You can now hire for Sales and Marketing roles with Belong!

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Belong has now expanded its data-driven, candidate-focused solution to include Sales and Marketing hiring as well!

According to the ManpowerGroup’s Annual Talent Shortage Survey, Sales is the third most difficult role to hire in 2016/17 globally. Our own experience hiring a Sales Leader taught us the many challenges in identifying the kind of person we wanted, and more importantly, actually finding someone who fit our profile.  

Traditionally, when hiring for strategic or leadership roles, recruiters fall back on keyword searches, referrals, specialised agencies, and of course - hiring from similar companies, often direct competitors.

On top of these limitations, job descriptions for strategic Sales roles also have qualifiers such as preferred universities or strict constraints on industry experience. However, a Belong study of over 12,000 sales leaders (directors, VPs and AVPs level) found that barely 8% of them went to Tier 1 MBA universities. In fact, it found that as many as 62% of these sales leaders are actually just under-graduates.

We also found that while 50-55% of hiring happens from the same or similar industries, the remaining hiring happens from various other industries. So using an industry filter is not enough to fulfill the hiring needs, as multiple competitors are vying for the same talent.

"What we need today is to be able to understand not only a candidate’s past experience but their future potential as well." - Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, COO of Capillary Technologies

When hiring for strategic Sales and Marketing roles, we need to fundamentally re-look at the way we search and look at more contextual insights to help us evaluate if a candidate would be the right fit.

Especially in revenue-critical roles like Sales, it’s important to find candidates that have proven records of adaptability and growth, and that’s not always available in their resumes.”

- Ganesh Lakshminarayanan,
COO of Capillary Technologies

Sales and Marketing hiring goes Outbound!

Our updated ranking algorithm combines contextual insights on both candidates and companies to create strong indicators of relevant, high quality talent, instead of simplistic matching of skills listed in resumes with requirements stated in job descriptions.

“Belong’s search algorithm is fundamentally different from other candidate search solutions since it is based on understanding people’s career paths than just keywords in resumes.”

Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath,
CTO of Belong

The machine learning algorithm has also been trained to understand intricacies specific to sales and marketing hiring. For example, in many organizations, the breadth of a marketing leader's experience is as important a factor as having expertise in specific skills.

We have undertaken extensive research to understand the interests and motivations of this specific Talent Pool. Our automated, personalized emails have been suitably modified to improve response rates and ensure great candidate experience.

We have already seen early success with multiple clients like Capillary Technologies who have made critical hires in Sales and Marketing, including their Director of Sales!

“Hiring for Sales and Marketing roles requires building a relationship with candidates, and Belong’s automated, highly personalized reach outs helped us do that with minimal effort, so that’s been invaluable to our success as well”

- Shyam Pandian, Senior Partner - Talent Acquisition at Capillary Technologies

If you’d like to know more about how we can partner for your Sales and Marketing hiring, simply request a demo and we’ll be in touch!

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